The lac de L'Uby is an 80 ha lake on witch the France short boat rowing championships take place every year. It is equipped with a leisure base, a swimming pool, tennis courts, sandy beach with a tree tree with zip line. Its banks are arranged, shaded to allow all types of walks or hikes. It is located 100 m from the hotel.

Nogaro car circuit.

About 20 km from Barbotan les Thermes.

Troughout the year you can attend car, motorcycle, truck races or simply tests in each of these categories.

Located in the heart of the Bas Armagnac you can during a walk visit a bastide (Fourcès, Labastide d'Armagnac....) the fortified village of Larressingle, a farm, a cellar, Gallo-Roman sites...

Take a walk on the old greenway connecting Gabarret to Villeune de Marsan, converted into a path can be walked by padestrians, cyclists and riders. Very pleasant and shaded.

The Course Landaise is a part of the culture of our South West region. The vast majority of the festivals of the surrounding municipalities and villages offer this show in their program.

If your visit to our beautiful region is scheduled for June, you can admire the lotus in bloom in a pool of the thermal park







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